The Floating Egg: Episodes in the Making of Geology


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Now established as a modern classic, this collection of stories centred on fossil collecting and the birth of geology has entranced many thousands of readers.

From the origins of alum to underhand fossil dealing, and from meteorites to giant reptiles, The Floating Egg lays out a dazzling series of episodes that transform the science of geology into an exciting adventure in human curiosity.

What reviewers have said:

‘Can I urge you to buy, borrow or beg a copy of this wonderful book about how the town of Whitby and the surrounding area were crucial to the development of the science of geology.’

‘A wonderful tome . . . utterly fascinating . . . a lucid, beautifully structured collection of essays, stories, and historical observations, that will somehow lead us to the beginning of the new science of geology.’

ISBN 978-0-7126668-6-2

Paperback 348pp