Iron, Steam & Money: The Making of the Industrial Revolution


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In late eighteenth-century Britain a handful of men brought about the greatest transformation in human history. This thrilling account tells what exactly the industrial revolution was, and how it came about.

Iron, Steam and Money details the moments of inspiration, the rivalries, skullduggery and death threats, and the tireless perseverance of the visionaries who made it all happen. Richard Arkwright, James Watt, Richard Trevithick and Josiah Wedgwood are among the giants whose achievements and tragedies fill these pages. The book reveals the background to this massive change showing pre-industrial Britain as a surprisingly affluent society with wealth spread widely, and with craft industries in every town, village and front parlour.

What reviewers have said:

‘Ably handling a mass of material, Osborne explores both the technological side of his subject and its human aspect.’

‘A truly rattling good yarn.’

‘Detailed and scholarly.’

‘If you are looking for a lucid account of the most important technological and organisational developments of the industrial revolution with clear-sighted analysis of the macro-economics of why it happened in 18th-century Britain, this is the book for you.’

ISBN 978-1845952129

Paperback 400pp